Never thought I'd need one of these but with a new year comes a new reason.  Have a question, post a comment here, or email me:  theprincessandtheparolee(at)gmail(dot)com.

Who is The Boy?

My husband and I are currently the legal guardians of a 17 yr old boy.  His family, his mother specifically, has asked me not to mention his name or his relationship, or lack thereof, on any social platforms.  Out of respect for her I've happily agreed.  Why mention him at all?  Well, he's an integral part of mine and my husband's life right now and not mentioning him would be like saying that I don't have a husband.  For those of you who read my blog and know who The Boy is, I would ask that you also respect his mothers wishes and not mention his name or relationship, or lack thereof, in the comments.  I'd really appreciate it.

Why do you have 2 blogs?

I've had a million and one blog identity crisis.  This blog, however, isn't going anywhere.  I absolutely love this blog but was having a hard time integrating what I wanted to do, "blog professionally" (if that makes sense) into this blog.  If you hop on over to my other blog (Beauty, Books, & Beyond) you might realize why.  Check out the About This Blog page and it will explain why I started that blog.  This blog is still here because, after making that blog, I realized I didn't really want to incorporate personal life into it.  I want it to be it's own entity, as this one is.

Why is this blog so empty?

Well, it's not supposed to be.  When I started my other blog I was planning on, thinking about, shutting this one down.  I decided against that after a few days but had already deleted all my old posts, pages, etc.  I DO NOT regret deleting my old posts.  It was actually quite refreshing starting over.  I'm slowly building up what needs to be on this blog and you'll see more coming in the future but the old me, or the old blog, is gone.  It's all fresh and if you check out THIS POST you'll get where I want to go with this blog.

Why did you make a FAQ page if all the questions on here aren't really a big deal?

Well, I just had some questions for myself and I wanted them in a place that was convenient.  If you have more pressing questions please, I'd love to answer them here, or through email.  Ask away folks.

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