Friday, July 13, 2012

Ever Have One Of Those ... Months?

I always tell myself that next month is going to be better than the last. Then when the year is over I tell myself that this year is going to be better than the last. Somehow each month, or each year, manages to be worse than the last. This month (or should I say past couple months) just takes the cake. This has to be, bar none, the worst 30 days of my life.

(I will warn you, I'm about to go on a whining, bitching, completely out there rant about why the past 30 days has been so bad. If you're not into reading that feel free to click away right now. This post is probably going to be full of little side notes like this one.)

I am less than 2 days away from D-Day on my mortgage (getting one, not making a payment on one) and I'm not sure I even have one to speak of. The mortgage company I'm dealing has a motto. It's a motto I made up for them. "If you want something done, we'll do it tomorrow. Then when tomorrow comes it won't be done BUT we'll do it tomorrow." This is how the whole deal has been going. Every time I ask when something is going to be done the answer is tomorrow. It's never been "we'll have that for you today". When they need something from me they call me at the end of the business day when nothing can be done until, you guessed it, tomorrow.

Let me tell you what's happened with my mortgage company thus far.
 - They lost documents that I gave them when I first met them. They lost copies of my drivers licenses and copies of my bank statements.
 - They had my file through underwriting and then it got "deleted".
 - They've asked me to explain just about everything in my life. The only thing I'm waiting for them to ask of me is to give blood from my first born. To which, I will respond, I'm not having kids. To which they'll respond "then you're screwed".
 - They never contact me until 5pm telling me they need more crap thus pushing every date off until tomorrow.
 - I've been in underwriting for 5 days now. A process that should take 24-48 hrs according to every site I've ever seen.
 - Did I mention that my broker switched companies while working with my loan? He failed to mention this to me. Had he told me I would have demanded he leave my file with his original company and I probably wouldn't be in this mess.
 - There are charges on my contract that were not disclosed to me when I asked about them before the loan process started. I'm trying to fight these charges but we'll see where that goes.
 - They have 4 to 5 months worth of statements but a condition of underwriting was that I provide more than 2 months of statements. Uh ... I already have.
 - There was nearly a week where I couldn't get a hold of my broker. He refused to pick up his phone and he wouldn't answer my texts. Then when I finally got him on the phone it was infrequent because he attended more meetings a day than President Obama.
 - I refuse to speak to him anymore, as does my husband, and we're having our real estate agent speak to him now.
 - His processor decided that because our real estate agent didn't agree with her that she'd refuse to talk to him because he "yelled at her". My agent never yelled. He simply disagreed with her and now she won't speak to him. Thankfully we have 2 agents working in our corner and she'll speak to the other one.

(Let me fill you in on something. If you live in Utah and are looking for a mortgage broker do NOT use Phil Wilson from Security National Mortgage Company. In fact don't use SNMC at all. Their team is full of, what seems to me, incompetent ass holes without the common sense to look at what's in front of their faces.)

To top it all off my landlord is pressing me for an answer on whether I'm moving or not. It's not their fault and I don't blame them for anything but I feel like the stress is just piling up. I feel like it could cave in on me at any second. I don't have an answer because my broker hasn't given me a reason to be confident in the fact that I have a loan. I keep telling them I'll have an answer soon but that soon never comes. Soon becomes tomorrow and I feel like I'm starting to sound like my broker. Tomorrow becomes 'in a couple day'. It's a never ending cycle. I wouldn't blame them if they kicked me out and kept my deposit at this point. I'm stringing them along. It's the last thing I wanted to do but had I realized that I was going to be strung along I would never have started this process.

(Thankfully my landlords are freaking amazing and have promised me they won't even think about renting the place out until they have a firm answer from me. What gems they are. Also, I just tried to spell gems with a j. Just thought you should know how horrible things are right now.)

I've been getting physically ill over all this bull crap. My husband doesn't know it, but now you do, but I've been throwing up almost everyday in relation to all this stress. I've also started my period so that's not helping at all. It feels like everything is crumbling in on me.

Other little issues that I've had to deal with.
1. All the outlets in my living room went out today. Thank goodness my husband is handy and fixed it within minutes of it happening. 
2. The water system, ya know the one that waters all the plants and the lawns, still doesn't work. It's getting fixed next week. I'm not sure the plants in this yard can handle going without it for that long though. The grass in the backyard is already perishing.
3. My diabetic dog is refusing to eat at times. I can't give him his insulin if he doesn't eat but he won't eat for some reason. He's not sick, we've had him checked out, so I'm not sure what the issue is at this point.
4. That same dog keeps peeing on things. I can't blame him, the diabetes has caused him to lose control of his bladder. The bad part is it's causing my other dog to have to live without a bed at night.
5. I don't feel like I can talk to anyone, but the blogosphere, about anything because I just don't think anyone would get me. They'd say I'm stressed for no reason and I just need to calm down. Well, people I haven't talked to but am assuming the answers from, I can't calm down. This is the biggest decision of my life and it's falling down around me.

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