Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Story (Pt 4 of 5)

Before I left Vegas TJ invited me to move to Reno with him. We’d known each other only a little more than a month and he wanted me to move in with him. I didn’t hesitate to accept. Are you starting to understand how bad it was at home? I told him I had to pack up a few things and I’d meet him back in Vegas in a week.  He had to go back to Reno to return his friend anyway. Oh yea, did I mention, while we were in Vegas I neglected to show up for my first day of work and lost my job? There was another good reason to move to Reno.

I went home and explained to my mom that the job hadn’t worked out and that I’d be on the job hunt for the next little while so she probably wouldn’t see me much. All the while I was secretly packing up my things and putting them in my car so that when I was ready to leave I’d only have to jump in my car and go. A couple days went by and TJ called telling me he was on his way back to Vegas and he’d be there in the morning. Two days to make the 14+ hour drive from Vegas to Reno, and back, seemed impossible. He did it though.

Throughout the night I packed up my car. My stereo, my computer, my clothes, and everything I felt necessary was shoved into my little Ford Escort. I finally fell asleep around one am and had my alarm set for 5 am. My mom wouldn’t be out of bed yet and my dad would already be at work.

When that alarm went off I was glad that I had dressed to leave before I went to bed. I splashed a little cold water on my face, put the note I wrote explaining where I was and what truly went on the past week on my pillow for my mom to find, and I left. TJ and I met up in Vegas at around 10 am and without hesitation we got out of town. 

Or did we stay the night? I can’t really remember. Either way we were back in Reno within a couple days.

That had to be the longest drive I’d ever taken alone. Have you ever drive through central Nevada from Vegas to Reno?  There are only 4 towns along the way and most of them don’t even have gas stations. By the time we got to Reno I was in full culture shock mode and so tired I didn’t even care. Look up Toquerville, UT on a map and then look up Reno, if you’re not familiar with it. We didn’t have a house so we holed up in the Best Value Lodge along Virginia St. We spent the next month there while looking for a house. Reno was like OZ and I didn’t have any red sparkly heels.


  1. Reading these has been so much fun. What an adventure!

  2. You are an adventurist, that is for sure :)