Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our Story (Pt 2 of 5)

Last time I told you where I met my husband. This time I get to talk about when we finally met face to face.

When I first introduced myself with the obligatory 21/F/UT the first question I got was “How many moms do you have?” If you’re not familiar with the reference let me explain. Many people still believe that just because someone lives in UT it means they’re a polygamist. Of course I had to dispel this rumor and break his little heart when I told him one. We talked a little while about being LDS because he was quite interested but I was glad when we finally moved on to more interesting topics, like the weather. Don't get me wrong it's interesting talking about the church with those who don't know but it can also be very overwhelming and turn people away. I didn't want that to happen.

We spent nearly 2 hours in that private chat room. We talked about everything and nothing at all.  Suddenly, he had to leave.  I was a little crushed but I enjoyed the time we’d spent together. What he did next shocked the hell out of me. He gave me his phone number. How many people, having just met in a chat room, do you give your phone number out to?  I myself hadn’t given it out to anyone that I’d met online.  He asked if I’d give him a call later that day so we could talk.  I told him I’d think about it while shaking my head in disbelief.  I spent all day thinking about calling him and when I finally got home I’d made up my mind. I picked up the phone and dialed his number. 

Without going into the mind numbingly boring details of talking on the phone every night for a month, I’ll move to when we finally met face to face. 

TJ lived in Redding.  Redding is in Northern California. He and his friend had plans to visit Las Vegas, in early March, so that his friend could see his dad. I, living only hours north of Las Vegas, thought it would be a good idea to meet him there so we could finally see each other. You see, TJ had seen numerous photos of me but he didn’t have a camera and I’d never seen photos of him. So we made the plan to meet in Vegas.  Before we finalized everything there was one thing he said he needed to share with me. Being the pessimist that I am, I thought the worst. He proceeded to tell me about his missing leg. If you read my post about TJ you’d know how, and when, he lost his leg. This was it? I guess he thought I would react differently and was surprised when I said “Alright, and?”

I was so extremely excited when the day finally came for him to come to Vegas. I had just lost my job due to our company filing bankruptcy and, even though I already had a new job, I needed a little break. I told my mom that I’d be staying at a friends while I worked my way into this new job. She bought it. I told TJ to call me when he was 2 hours out because that’s how long I thought it would take me to get there. Either the excitement or the nerves got me to Vegas in just over an hour. We had planned to meet at The Frontier hotel because that’s really the only place TJ knew. He’d been to Vegas with his parents once before and that’s where they stayed.

I waited in that back parking lot for, what seemed like, hours. I thought he was standing me up. I’d asked him to call and he hadn’t yet. My phone was dead and I didn’t bring the charger so I had to use the pay phone to call him. I finally got a hold of him and he told me he was almost there and all I needed to do was listen for him.  Listen for him?  He told me I’d hear him before I saw him. What in Heaven’s name was he talking about? Not 5 minutes later I heard the loudest most bass thumping noise I’d ever heard pulling into the parking lot. Around the corner came a bright green Ford F-150 with dark tinted windows and Air Force Ones by Nelly playing through the stereo. He pulled up to the rear entrance and his friend jumped out of the truck.  I thought this was him but he had both legs. When I finally looked past his friend I saw TJ for the first time he looked at me with a huge smile on his face, missing one of his front teeth, tattoos covering both arms, and said “Hey I’m TJ.  Get in.”

What had I gotten myself into?

This is where I’m going to end Pt 2. I apologize for breaking it up into so many pieces but I tend to be quite long winded and I didn’t want to force, not that I can, anyone to read through 10 pages of “Our Story.”

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  1. I am looking forward to reading the whole story :)