Saturday, June 23, 2012

I'm Crazy About Blog Design

I'm not a professional designer. If I'm being honest I'm not even a novice designer. I'm a sit-at-home-and-obsess-over-my-blog-design designer. I've changed my header more times that I can count. I've revamped and re-done that little "about me" thingy to the right of my blog at least 600 times in the past year and I never seem to be happy with what I've done. I just can't leave it alone.

Does anyone else have that kind of problem?


  1. Yes. Luckily, I simply don't have the time to mess with it, so my crazy stays hidden ;)

  2. I wish I had the time to play with mine... it really does need a revamp:)

  3. Indeed I do! For over a year I fiddled with my blog design, never keeping one layout for any longer than a few months!

    I'm happy with my current design now though and don't plan on changing it anytime soon