Saturday, March 24, 2012

What A Rough Week

There are so many things I haven't posted on my blog this week.  I've been meaning to update my 30 days of lists post, but I haven't.  I have them all ready, they're actually done, but I haven't had the energy to put them up.  I was supposed to be participating in Blog Positivity Week with Ashley @ After Nine To Five but I got one (or two) posts in and I stopped.  I've been having one rough week.

Monday night, or should I say Tuesday morning, I didn't get to sleep until somewhere around 3am.  I don't know why.  I was tired.  I got into bed at 10:30pm like I normally do.  I read for just over an hour and then squished my ear buds into my ears.  I turned on the relaxing music and WHAMMO I was awake.  I sleep with my iPod on every night.  It's never been a problem before.  I thought maybe now it was the issue.  I pulled the headphones out after 30 minutes of no sleep and tried again.  An hour later and I was still awake.  OK so that wasn't the problem.  I got up and snuck into my husband's office to waste time on the computer.  That always makes me tired.  Forty minutes later I still wasn't tired.  I did something drastic.  I walked outside, in only a robe, and sat on the front patio.  I just sat there for thirty minutes or so.  My eyes roaming around the sky trying to find some sort of peace in the stars, or some lame crap like that.  NOTHING.  By now it was just after 2am and I didn't know what else to do.  I went back to bed and tried again.  Somewhere between 2:30 and 3am I my body finally gave in and I fell asleep.

As you may have guessed, Tuesday was a rough day.

Tuesday night rolls around.  Same routine.  This time I was able to get to sleep before 2am though.  

Wednesday sucked.  

I finally thought that maybe it was our mattress.  It's only a couple months old but maybe we needed to flip it.  So we did.

I finally slept a little better Thursday night but I woke up with horrible back pain.  Flipping the mattress might not have been the best idea.

Friday was a busy (so busy might not have been the best word but I was so tired that doing the minimal amount that I did made it feel busy) day.  TJ and I had to go pick up The Boy's cap and gown from the school and then we were going out on our neighbors boat.  I was looking forward to relaxing.  It was relaxing, it really was.  It was so relaxing that I actually felt the need to lay down at around 10pm.  I felt like I could use the extra sleep what with me missing so much of it earlier in the week.  I went to bed, read for 30 minutes, rolled onto my side, shoved my ear buds into my ears, and .....  here I am, 12:02am on Saturday morning, still awake.  I feel slightly drowsy but no where near as tired as I felt just mere hours ago.  


I haven't had this much trouble sleeping since I was in college, working 2 full time jobs, maintaining a social life, and trying to keep everyone in my life unaware of the fact that I was bulimic and cutting myself.  I'm not going back to taking Ambien.  I took that route once and the next day wasn't worth the peaceful sleep I got. We ran out of Melatonin a couple months ago but I haven't needed it until now.  I might have to pick some up.

This post is quite sporadic.  I'm sorry.  Also, if you read this Ashley, I want to apologize for not finishing blog positivity week.  To my fellow 30-Listers, I'm sorry I haven't posted a list here in a while.  To everyone else, I'M TIRED.  Will someone please come club me over the head so I can finally get some sleep!?!  Please??


  1. Hate it when that happens. I seem to go through spells like that sometimes and usually have no idea why.

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    1. That's what bothers me most. I have no clue why this is happening. Ack!