Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Other Blog

This is the "About My Blog" page on my other blog.  I thought I'd shamelessly plug this here in an attempt to lure some of my amazing new readers (I HAVE 18!!!!) over to my other blog.  Wait, can you call this a shameless plug if it's my own blog?  I'm not sure, so maybe it isn't shameless.  Well, anyway, onto why I'm making this post!!

As many of you may, or may not,  know, I've been blogging for quite a while.  I've had numerous blog identity crisis and I have finally figured out why.

I was trying to limit myself, stifle my creativity, conform to what I thought a blogger should be.


(Found HERE)

I've always known that I wanted to blog about something I loved, something I'm good at, something I enjoy, but when it came down to figureing that out, I couldn't.  Why?  Because, and I'm not bragging, I'm pretty dang good at a lot of things.  I enjoy doing a lot of things.  I love doing too many things to limit myself, or my blog.  In discovering what I wanted to do, however, I stumbled into somewhat of a conundrum.

When you stumble across a "book blog" that's all they do.  They read, review, and recommend books.  Coming upon a blogger that reviews beauty products, you find the same the same thing.  Everyone who owns a blog has settled into their specific niche.  I, in no way, am saying it's a bad thing.  Some of my absolute favorite blogs, and bloggers, are book bloggers or beauty bloggers but I couldn't, and wouldn't, pin myself to one thing.  How well this idea will be received is yet to be determined.

So, I present to you This Girl Does It All.  A blog in which I'll be able to stretch my wings and do exactly what I want, whenever I want.  See, I love to read so I'll be reviewing books.  I also love the beauty community, so I'll be doing beauty reviews.  I'm making a baby blanket and I always enjoy making handmade scrapbook embellishments so I'll be talking about that.  What else?  There's no end to what I want to do with this blog.

I'll still keep this blog around because I don't want to mix "about my life posts" with review posts.  I'm also involved in a lot of blogging challenges like the 30 Days Of Lists (30 Lists website) and Blogging A - Z in April so this is where I'll host things like that.  

So, that's the deal.  It took me months to figure out what I wanted to do and even longer to put together that blog.  I know it's going to be something that keeps me involved and loving what I do. 

Join me?

Also if you're looking to swap ads, through my other blog, check out my Ad Swap page.

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