Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Have The Strangest Dreams

It's been getting a little warmer at night which means we can leave windows open.  I always get excited, and a little scared, at this prospect.  Scared because that means the heat is coming.  Excited because that means I get more fresh air.

The other night, Sunday I think it was, we left our small bathroom window open to let in the fresh air while we slept.  Four hours later I woke in a panic to shut the window.  Why?  Well let me give you a peek into my mind as a dreamer.

I was standing at said bathroom window, naked, staring at a man that was stunningly beautiful.  I had no idea who this man was but I got the sense that he was stalking me.  He looked in the window, obviously seeing me, and smiled.  His teeth were sparkly white.  I'm sure they would have given off that star of brightness, the one that always **pings** in the movies, had the sun been shining in my dream.  (I've been reading the Twilight series for the past month.  This might have played a little part in the whole teeth thing.) First, I was a little terrified that he was standing there, outside my window, staring at me.  Then I was a little embarrassed.  After all, I was buck naked.  He didn't seem to notice.  I turned from the window to go lay back down but instead decided to go upstairs.  

There's a balcony upstairs.  Still in my birthday suit, I walked out onto it and looked over the railing.  There he was, standing in front of the garage door, smiling up at me.  What a strange man this was.  I couldn't take my eyes off him though.  I still had the eerie feeling like he was stalking me.  Then, oddly enough, I started to wonder why he wasn't bringing me roses.  Isn't that what a stalker normally does?  Bring the stalkee gifts? (I realize stalkee isn't a word but bear with me here)

I went back downstairs to get into bed but there he was, staring at me, through the bathroom window.  By this time I was absolutely sure he was my stalker.  What he did next was confirmation.  He started bringing me gifts.  My head cocked to the side and all I could do was stare.  He was bringing me guitars, and office equipment, to show me that he wanted me.  Uh ... what?  

There were HUNDREDS of guitars lined up against my fence.  Then the office chairs started rolling in.  All I could do was watch him pile the strange gifts up against my fence.  I didn't know what to think anymore.  Then, in one fluid motion, he was at the window.  His face pressed up against the screen.  A giant, terrifying, smile plastered on his face.  It was in that instant that I ... woke up.

I had to wipe sweat off my forehead even though I was freezing cold.  The wind was whipping through the window and the temperature in the room had dropped 15 to 20 degrees since I'd fallen asleep.  I looked at the window, not wanting to go near it, fearing that there was really someone out there.  Just as that thought entered my mind, my husband woke up.  He popped up out of bed and headed for the bathroom.  I was glad to have him by my side as I stared out the window.  No guitars, no office chairs, just a fence and an open side yard.  I couldn't close the window fast enough.

I'm going to have to file this as one of the weirdest dreams I've ever had.  Right before my falling-down-the-drain dream and directly after my I'm-in-elementary-and-my-school-is-being-"hijacked"-and-if-I-don't-hide-they're-going-to-kill-me dream.

Yep, that's how I dream!!

What's the strangest dream you've ever had?


  1. Strange dream? Hell, that is one freaky ass dream. All that smiling would scare the shit out of me.

    I had a strange dream the other night. I know it was a sci-fi type dream which is strange since I am not a sci-fi person. All I recall now is a failed science experiment, me and a bunch of girls running from the scientist, gravity ripping doors and walls off a building and me hiding behind rows of plastic washer and dryers stacked on a wooden shelf almost being discovered.

    The dream is still floating in my head, but to actually write it down and try to explain how my dream went would make no sense at all. If only you could read my mind to see my wacky strange dream.

    Dreaming is a nightly occurrence for me. I am a vivid dreamer. I can recall so much detail from my dreams as if it is a movie I am watching. Heck, I dream in a different language at times (my native language) but I only speak English. Sometimes my dreams are like memories for me. I can tell you dreams I had as a teenager. I also use to sleep walk as a child and I am a sleep talker/ mumbler. What scared people even more though is me sleeping with my eyes open and dreaming the night away. Sadly, 5 out of 10 dreams I have are nightmares. It was worse when I was younger.

    1. Sleeping with your eyes open? I can't lie Amy, that would scare me.

      It was really hard for me to write the contents of this dream down. I sat for a few seconds trying to describe what his smile was like and that's the best I could come up with. It was horrifying.

      I don't think I've ever had a sci-fi dream though. That would probably freak me out more than this one did.