Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Not So Wordless Wednesday!

I love the Wordless Wednesday idea but I am not capable of removing words from a post.  It has nothing to do with editing but everything to do with my big mouth, or hands in this case.  So, here's my attempt at Wordless Wednesday!!

In an attempt to redo the header on my other blog I took some great photos of my bookshelf, some makeup compacts, and my crochet hooks.  I've been trying to use them in as many ways as possible but they're too busy.  Here's the problem, I really like the photos!!  So I decided just to share some random photos with you.  I've tweaked a few of them, which is quite obvious, and now can't find a way to use them.  Oh, wait, desktop background.  Oh yea.  Anyway, here are the photos on my bookshelf, and a random book, that I'm LOVING but can't (until now) figure out how to use.

This is just a picture of my bookshelf.  My other blog is about books, beauty, and crafts and I needed a nice book image.  This isn't the one that I ended up using but I still like it.

 I pulled out a Harry Potter book, at random, and opened it on the floor.  I got down onto my stomach, while squishing my boobs, and took a picture.  I LOVE how I was able to focus on the lone book while all the others were blurred slightly.  I have another one like this but I ended up using it in my header for my OTHER BLOG.

This is the same photo as the first one.  After I turned it sepia I used a couple filters and altered it just a little bit.  I really like the way this one came out.  I can't, however, tell you which filters I used because I forgot.

Again, this is just an extremely random post but I didn't want to end up losing some of the great photos that I managed to take.  

Are there any pictures you've taken lately that you're absolutely in love with?


  1. Cool pictures! Looking at your bookshelf is like looking at my own, lots of Stephen King and Harry Potter. :)

    1. The Stephen King is for my husband. I've tried to read a couple of his books and, aside from The Stand, I couldn't get through them. My husband loves The Gunslinger series.