Sunday, January 15, 2012

One Of Those Nights

The other night, around 10:30pm, my husband and I crawled into bed.  We were slightly tired and I was ready to read.  I picked up my armchair pillow, threw it on the bed, and grabbed my Kindle.  Flowers for Algernon has me so captivated right now I read a few lines every chance I get.  TJ grabbed his iPod and, as he does every night, loaded MahJong.  He's really addicted to that game.  For the next 20 to 30 minutes we were lost in our own little worlds.  Around 11pm TJ put down his iPod and curled up under the blankets.  He was looking pretty tired.  I, on the other hand, wasn't tired at all anymore.  I had finished reading what I wanted to complete but I wasn't tired.  I picked up my iPod and started searching the app store.  Did you know they have a Simpsons Arcade game?  It's hilarious, and horribly difficult.  Did you also know that when the game loads a doughnut shows up?  Ya know, like the giant pink doughnut that Homer is always dreaming about?  This is where the whole problem started.
Found HERE

TJ and I were now craving doughnuts.  

Where I live, there's only one doughnut shop and it closes at ... well I'm not quite sure when it closes, I've never been.  It's a locally owned shop and it's also over 45 minutes away.  There is a Maverick right up the street from us but by the time we debated back and forth about going up there it was nearly midnight and we didn't know if they'd have any left.  They're delivered fresh every morning but they go quickly.

For the next 2 hours we talked about making a pie or baking some brownies.  I wasn't really up for staying awake until 4 in the morning just to have pie.  On top of that, I would have to bake 2 pies because what he likes, I don't.  He wanted Blackberry and I wanted Apple.  (No, not homemade, store bought)  The brownies take 45 minutes to bake, plus 15 minutes to preheat the oven.  I wasn't going for that.  I wanted doughnuts and I wasn't going to let up.  I convinced TJ that I would drive, I'd unplug the truck (the block heater for our diesel so it takes less time to warm up and it doesn't strain the engine in the cold) and I'd even go into the store so that he didn't have to get out.  He couldn't resist anymore.

We trekked up to Maverick, it took all of 1 minute, and he was more than happy to go into the store to glare at the doughnuts.  We probably looked like 2 stoners out on a early morning munchie hunt because we had to ask the cashier if they had any dozen boxes for the Krispy Kremes while we giggled about the hilarious discussions we'd had about making The Boy run a mile in a dress and high heels.  Turns out, they didn't have any boxes (or high heels for that matter ;-)).  We had to put 12 doughnuts into those tiny little bags.  We picked up 4 custard filled, 4 maple glazed, 2 original, and 2 chocolate doughnuts.  We paid the, what I'm sure was, suspicious cashier and hurried back out to the truck.  We didn't even wait until the truck was started before digging into those puppies.  They had just been delivered not even an hour ago, we were told, and they smelled so amazing.

We got home, grabbed the bags, and headed back to bed.  My husband and I both at 2 more doughnuts while laying under the covers in bed.  By the time we finally fell asleep it was nearly 3:30am.  I could have baked a pie, or some brownies, but those doughnuts had to be the best doughnuts I'd eaten in years.  

Nights like these make the love I have for my husband even more amazing.  I know I married the right man when my stomach hurts so bad from laughing and he takes me out at 2 in the morning to buy doughnuts.  

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