Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm A Terrible Commentor

If I follow your blog, and you know I follow your blog, I want to apologize.  I sit here, even now on my own blog, wondering how to word this post.

Hi, my name is Alicia, and I am horrible when it comes to commenting on your blog.

Over my many years of blogging I've read posts that were thought provoking, funny, or all around perfect.  I think about how said post(s) relates to my life and nod my head.  I stretch my fingers and place them over the keys in their proper position.  I open up the section that says comment and my mind freezes.  I can't leave something that just says "This is awesome" or "Yea, I know how that feels".  That doesn't sound intellectual at all.  That post deserves so much more.  That's where I run into my next problem.

Hi, my name is still Alicia and I suffer from run on sentence-full-of-tangent-syndrome which tends to take my comment into nowhere-land with no hope of ever bringing it back around to its correct path of coherent thought.  

When I finally can come up with something to say it seems to take up as much space as the original post.  Why does it take me 2 paragraphs to say that I understand what the author of the post is going through?  Why can't I just be happy with "Yea, I know how that feels".  Why do I have to explain why I know how it feels and then explain why I know my distant 3rd cousin twice removed knows how it feels?  It's simply frustrating.

So this year I'm making a promise.  This is not a resolution, as I tend to break resolutions shortly after they've been made.  I will comment on your blog more.  I will think about what I'm going to post and I won't attempt to make you understand me with a slue of useless information that takes up a million miles of space.

See you around your blog!!

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